Kim Jung Gi – Artist Review

jung gi kim image

Kim Jung Gi is an incredible artist. He has amazing observation skills and works mainly with a brush pen. He does not do any under sketches on his pieces but usually just goes straight to paper or page with his brush or pencil and begins drawing lines. His work is extremely fluid and seamless and seems to naturally flow from his hand to paper. His works mainly consist of a combination between live observation and imagination. He often sits in a public area and will draw absolutely everything his eyes right from where your vision fades and warps on the sides of your eyes, to his own hand drawing in the sketchbook, drawing the current sketch he is currently drawing. Often his works have this distorted wide lens view that becomes distorted on the sides and all warps in. It’s natural yet unnatural.  As you can see from the image example, a lot of it appears to be from observation but they are these imaginative elements that are clearly not from observation but fit just as well into the scene. It’s an incredible blend of the two.

His website is very clear. The background of the main page of the website features his artwork which rotates with another piece with a smooth, blended transition every 10 seconds or slow. It’s slow enough to not get distracted and most likely you’ll be clicking a link on the homepage menu long before seeing the transition. The menu is in a big, black column that strongly stands out from the background and contrasting the black, there is white lettering. In my opinion that makes for a very easy-to-read menu with strong design. The links he has listed (from top to bottom) are: BLOG, BIO, ART & BOOKS, SHOP, PORTFOLIO, VIDEOS, MISC., NEWSLETTER, and CONTACT. You can also switch from english to french and there is a little arrow to hide navigation which lets you enjoy the background slideshow and see the rest of the artwork. All of the links (except for SHOP) are integrated into the website itself. Whenever you click a link it has a black column background covering the main background partially. It is such a clean, simple design. Everything is easy to read and organized with the latest news and blog posts showing up first. For me personally, I’m aspiring to have a cleanly set up website such as his.